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Health & Safety Policy

While our business is to manufacture chemicals, we will not do so in a manner which could harm the health and safety of our employees, contractors, visitors, neighbours, customers and the community at large. The board expects the highest standards to be applied to all aspects of Process Safety and Occupational Health and Safety and will not compromise on these standards.

As the board member with specific responsibility for health and safety, my objective is to provide leadership and visibility in all aspects of Occupational Health and Safety and Process Safety. We will do this by:

  • Discussing all aspects of Occupational Health and Safety and Process Safety at all board meetings. This will include a full review of all of our performance indicators in this area, including: process safety performance indicators, accident and ill-health data along with near misses and concerns
  • Ensuring suitable arrangements are in place to deliver a structured approach to managing our highest risks
  • Actively promoting and supporting our safety committees as a means of employee involvement and management visibility
  • Providing quarterly newsletters to all employees to assist in delivering the safety message and this policy
  • Making sure everyone at Vijay Chemicals is aware that they all have a need and responsibility for improving our health and safety performance, and that their individual contributions to this are of critical importance
  • Developing the strongest possible safety culture our people by means of training, communication, consultation and motivation. We will use well thought out and resourced health and safety policies backed up by external and internal auditing under a philosophy of continuous improvement
  • Setting a goal of eliminating all injuries and occupational illness for our stakeholders from our activities, services and products whilst still planning, organising and training for emergencies
  • Having a policy of openness in communicating, consulting and responding to questions on health and safety matters with our employees, neighbours, suppliers, customers and other interested parties

Environmental Policy

We will meet both the letter and spirit of all relevant legislation and the Chemical Industry Associations Responsible Care Initiative while continuously improving our environmental performance. We are committed to the prevention of pollution and in particular we will:

  • Reduce all of the impacts we have on our local communities; particularly odours and noise
  • Minimise the generation of waste through improved treatment, reuse and recycling
  • Ensure that unavoidable waste is handled, stored and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Efficiently use all input resources; particularly raw materials, energy and water
  • Take all measures necessary to prevent pollution of the land occupied by the site
  • Aim to use safer chemicals and processes in our new product development programmes

We will implement this policy through:

  • Commitment to and leadership of the process by management at the highest level within the company and by gaining the support of all employees for our environmental objectives through communications, training and involvement
  • Provision of the necessary human, financial and equipment resources to ensure that the policy is carried through, including the direct leadership of a senior manager responsible for environmental policy

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